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hi all
which track system do you think i should convert my track into, it is currently running very tired scalextric classic and scx track which desperatly needs replacing,with a ninco power base and lap counter. i am not sure which system i should convert to. i have always been a fan of ninco track but have recently developed a liking for scalextric sport i have a small amount of both systems, i also like routed track as it is smooth and runs well.
here are my problems
for the ninco track i would have to cut into quite a lot of the scenery for it to fit

routed: the main element of the routed track has been removed as it has to be designed around the scenery also some a substancial amount of cutting has to be done for it to fit,

sport: i would have to buy a sustancial amount of track but it would fit!


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Hello minimental…

…You should absolutely convert to the scalextric sport system. There is absolutely no point for you, to change to either Ninco or Carrera, since you are satisfied with your current layout. However, are you thinking about creating a new layout then it does not matter if you choose to change to Ninco or Carrera. They are both very good and I think that you would be satisfied with either track. Although, note that the Carrera track is a bit wider and that will "force" you to make more room for it.

good luck with your track and layout..should you choose to change it.

Ps: would be great if you could post some more pictures on your current layout

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