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Thanks for your interest !

I coudn't chip all my cars, first, I have to buy all the Ninco digital system to put it on my track. When I see the futur prices, it's not cheap
So, I think I will buy 10/12 chips (8 for the track and 4 in stock if problem). It seem easy to put in a car and take off for an other...

For a race, you only have to prepare 8 cars max ! And for me it's not easy to find 8 racers + marshalls (to replace the cars). Near to me, 30km arround, only 4 slot racers !
If you will run with 8 cars, you need 8 drivers and 4 marshalls ! Minimun !
So, I can't find 11 persons to race...

For the buildings, yes, I'm so proud ;o), Since 1998 I bought accessories, buildings and cars....

About me :

I'm teacher for technology, physic, electronic and computer...
(as you could see not in English, my English is so bad/poor and I hope that you will forgive me)
I'm 45 years old but... I seem younger ;o) In all modesty, a mixture of Enstein and Schwarzengger, in all the cases, it is what say the women and I believe them... My wife too ! Chris 39yo ( she's a secretary in a cabinet of architect and has a good character to support mine)
I have 4 children, 5yo Lisa (named Belzebuth, she's mischievous) , 18yo Sarah (pretty woman, studies of obstetric), 20yo Etienne (studies of trade), 22yo Jerome (Computer Man, for hardware, software and webmaster in high school) , that's all, now...

I leave in a little town near Poitiers (Futuroscope) in France. My house is so big, I make big works this summer to have many rooms, for my friends when they drank to much ! I have a good cellar with very good french wine... They sleep at home, it's better than they crash the car on the road !

My first return was on 1993, I bought some Power and Glory cars, Bentley, Alfa Romeo and for the track the set with the F40 and Jaguar XJ220...

When I was young (I was a Jedi ;o) , 6/7 years, I played with the scalextric layout of my brother, 10 years older than me. He had a big 8 in rubber track, with Goodwood chicane, buildings, accessories as lights on stands,etc. And he had Typhoon, Yellow Aston Martin (yes, you read well, Yellow Aston !) Lotus 16/21, Bentley, Alfa, Jag, Lister,etc
That was in the mid 60, I was so young and I broken all
This episode of my life haunts me, and I often dream in Yellow...;o)

I return in my parents attic to see something like Yellow, but nothing, I made holes (real !) in the old wood floor to see, but nothing !

So, I started a therapy, then, I left to live as a hermit in the Nepal where I meet the Dalaï Lama, wich said that was not important to not found Yellow (like the Graal) and I retuned to the civilisation ... It's a joke...

Now ? I'm cured ! My favorite color ? British Racing Green !
My Mazda MX5 (Scale 1:1) is in BRG...
For lack of Austin Healey 3000 MK III green, I have a mazda...

Since 98, my quest is to re-create a layout such as my brother (this is the therapy ;o) ! Now I'm near the end and I feel better... ;op
I have, SCXD 2 lanes 40m, Ninco 2 lanes 38m and Scalextric rubber track big 8 figure near 15m...
My favorite job it's to find old accessories and buildings to have the Goodwood and the Scalextric Sixties atmosphere

Here, you know little more...
May the force be with you !

Peter Rondel
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that's quite a story!
nice tracks anyway, and great fun with all the buildings and extra's
what I would not do is build two digital systems, I would choose for one, otherwise you keep changing things and its not all that cheap like you said yourself. With all the extra's you allreay have, I would stick to the SCX.

on the other hand..........

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Talk about a haunting... mine is all the 1/32 kits I've thrown away.

Reading some of the posts on all the conversions ppl are doing.
Everyone else is saying ooh, ahh, what a nice conversion,
I'm saying ouch, oh no, I had that rare kit once, boo hoo

Oh well, c'est la vie huh!?

I'll try to make up for it once I have more time


ps - some small consolation, got rid of tea boy sh**

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Yes, I think, to save money, we must make a choice between SCXD, SSD & Ninco D.
In April 2005 I went with friends to Spain to buy system SCXD. There was the only digital system for the public. But, with all the Ninco cars I have, now,I will be obliged to buy the digital Ninco...
With SCXD you could place where you want the crossover, and many, no problem with the power (as SSD), it's really a good systeme but not for all the slot cars. With Ninco you could put the chip in all the cars...
Just wait a little...
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