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Finally, happy enough with my track to post some pictures. Would have posted sooner but just keep on changing it. I haven't cleaned up or set any trackside homes or buildings exactly where I want, basically things everywhere. I've never done any hobby building and wish I could do it but being mostly below freezing painting and woodwork isn't happening. I've been on the real side of racing cars and entering classic car shows for a few years. This winter came and I needed a fix and slot cars have fit the bill. This isn't your standard track by any means I made it like a countryside drive not a raceway. I had an idea of this one corner being on a snowy hill and really wanted it to be difficult. I obtained that to the point only 4x4 rally or high quality silicon tires on rwd could make it. Front motor cars look like a fish on a hook flipping around but going nowhere on the hill. Lowered it to the point I think any of my cars can make it. I need to update my layout in ultimate racer then I post that. Before the snow track it was about 83ft in length and my top dog could get around in 12.1sec. I know its different hope there some out there that like the track.

lanes - 2
Platform- Analogue
Length - 103ft
Layout - 20x12
Brand - scalextric classic, sports, scx snow effect.
Special Pieces - 4 crosses grand chicane, sliding snow curve.


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QUOTE (JeffSCXd @ 13 Feb 2008, 02:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cool man I got the SCX Snow set myself combined with a C4 set and I am about to add some scalxtric track to..Agian very nice man what kind of cars you got.

Cars umm...

aston martin db9
jaguar xkr
mercedes benz lm from the le mans set
2 dallara indy cars
Ford gt limited edition
Ferrari 330/p4 monza collector set
caterham 30 ann. indy grips (want to build the caterham or some k-car for autocrossing except no ford 2.2l ecotec)

Corvette C6R with indy grips still slow ehh
subaru and Citroen from snow effect set

Ferrari 166/212mm
audi r8r
james bond aston martin
1956 thunderbird

1999 corvette 24/hr daytona
ferrari 250 gto nurnbering

Auto Art
Porsche Carrera GT


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The photo's do not give it justice!
Your layout is massive judging by the graphic...nice work greycat, I envy your space.
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