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N-Digital and analog on same circuit

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I know that for using N-Digital and analog on the same track I have to change the track part with Digital Console with normal Analog connection track. But is it possible to leave lane changers in the track and use them as normal analog straight track? Do they have connection between both lanes or not?
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Here is a scheme I have made for out four lane track in our club.

Each lane has a 4# cable running below the track every 2m a cable connects the lane with the 4# cable. Each 4# cable is connected to a 3 pin female XLR outlet.

A main cable of 8# distributes the power (from the adjustable power supply) over the 4 XLR outlets.

In analogue mode you just have to plug in your controller (with male XLR connector)

In digital mode the power/digital signal comes from the Simple-H. Here a 4# cable distributes the digital power/signal over the four lanes. The controllers are connected to the Nbase the Nbase drives the Simple-H.

All bridges below the lane changers have to be removed.

This is actual a plan, it is not started yet. All your comments are welcome?

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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