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Nardi 750 LM #61

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I have just persuaded my friend, Milan of Bratislava, to take up the most prestigious - and ultimate - challange! He will create this bizarre car for me and my Le Mans 1955 collection:

#61 Nardi Bisilero 750 LM
Team: Nardi Automobili, I
Drivers: Roger Crovetto, I / Mario Diamonte, I

Some photos are on hand, but he can always use more. But the most important question: Where can we lay hands on drawings with the dimensions of this car?

Have I mentioned that I am a GREAT fan of Milan?

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Hi Holger

The last picture at this site, givs a good impression, of the size of the car..
Le Mans History

I have seen this as a model somewhere, on the web.. not sure where...
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