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Nardi 750 LM #61

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I have just persuaded my friend, Milan of Bratislava, to take up the most prestigious - and ultimate - challange! He will create this bizarre car for me and my Le Mans 1955 collection:

#61 Nardi Bisilero 750 LM
Team: Nardi Automobili, I
Drivers: Roger Crovetto, I / Mario Diamonte, I

Some photos are on hand, but he can always use more. But the most important question: Where can we lay hands on drawings with the dimensions of this car?

Have I mentioned that I am a GREAT fan of Milan?

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Thanks guys - the Bisiluro link was new to me.

Seems to me that Milan has to go to Milan - and do some measurements and learn to read Italian.....


NB! Sorry about the wrong spelling, my fault.
Philip - I can not answer for Milan (neither the guy nor the city), but I am pretty sure my little Nardi project will just be a number in his pipe line.

It is amaizing what he can create in no time, so hopefully all his other projects, especially the seventies F1 cars, will keep rolling of his production band.

Hopefully others will join in and order a Nardi. Not for me to lower my price, but so that he can earn some good and well deserved payment for his great efforts.

Well, Milan didn´t do it (so far). But David from AA Bodies does it. Hurrah!

PCS32 chassis just ordered, and Reissorg is working on the decals. Great.

I´ll be back.

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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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