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Nascar challenge Essex september 10th

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First time to events
Falcon Raceway is now focusing on bringing you the opportunity to compete in our style of digital racing.
The race tracks are bespoke routered, braided & modular by design.
The cars for this event are modified scalextric ford Taurus inline nascars refinished in 2015 sprint cup paint schemes.
You will be racing with a group of experienced digital racers using ssdc software with fuel simulation.
All equipment will be provided including the use of truspeed controllers.
Racing for the day will be £10 which is subsidised by our club to promote digital slot car racing.
Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.
We will also be running support races using various classes like DTM with slotit chassis & running gear Racer sideways Daytona prototypes etc
This is an ideal opertunity to experience digital racing on a large scale.
Thanks for reading

Here are a few photos of our tracks/cars etc

The event wil be held at st martins church hall in Basildon town centre.
There is plenty of free parking and we are next to m&s food hall.
There will be free tea & coffee

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I will try to make it Lee although I have a feeling I'm on holiday then.
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Cool event Lee. The track looks good and the main and support classes will give plenty of action.
good luck.
Thanks gio

One thing I forgot to mention we will also have dedicated marshals for the day.
I will post up more info between now & the 10th of September.
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Hi Lee, looks like a great day. I'll have to check my calendar, as long as I'm free I'd love to attend

Would you like me to share details of this event on DiSCA facebook / website?
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Graeme I missed your post this morning

You would be welcome if you not on holiday.
Gary would be great to meet you & interesting to see what you think of our racing & tracks.
Definitely if you could put this event on the disc site more exposure the better.
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Great if you can make it nick

I can have paint schemes ready for the day if I get enough notice.
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I happen to have a set of decals for the #88 mountain dew car I'll get one ready just encase

I also have #2 miller lite, #22 penzoil &#78 furniture row on the go to.
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Well, work would be happy if I ran the 22 but this is my time, so... 88 it is please!

Checked with the better half and I'm cleared to go... although Goodwood Revival is the same weekend. Might be forced to rethink if somebody wants me there but at the moment I'm not due to be working.
Excellent news nick hopefully you will be able to make it.
I'll get to work on the #88

I have already made some of the cars for our club members that will be running in this event I'll post up pictures of the cars & driver names gradually, starting with my car for the day matt kenseth's #20 dewalt USA made with global parts paint scheme.
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I can't believe it! The date clashes with a 1:1 race weekend for me
bugger. I really wanted to come!

When's the next one?
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I'll be expecting you in the full kit on the day nick

Gary I think we are planning something in the spring probably be Dtm but it will have to got for vote.
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This is another entry for the race jimmy Johnson's #48 lowes chevrolet will be raced by Stephen Watling

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Another entry for this event #12 deadpool camaro raced by Darren.
This is a fantasy livery
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Hi Lee, is this a daytime or evening event? I couldn't see a start time

Thanks Keith
Hi Keith
Thanks for highlighting that I knew I'd miss something.
We have the hall booked from 9am to 5pm.
I'm hoping to get the track set up on Friday evening so we can get racing straight away.
The full address is st martins church,St martins square, Basildon, essex, SS14 1DX
When on the one way system the police station on the right multi storey car park on the left go straight on as if heading towards the towngate theatre immediately on the left you will see metal gates/ fence & the glass bell tower turn left there and left again between the church & vicarage the hall is tucked in there
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Another car for the event #86 star wars fantasy paint scheme will be raced by Anthony gray

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