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Firstly apologies if im in the wrong place, I didnt//wasnt sure where to post this tbh as each section seems to be more specific to one area.

Basically and probably im one of the rare UK based people who want a NASCAR 'slot' setup. Im new to the whole thing, so everything and anything is different to me.. however from some research I gather the following is the best route?

SCX Digital - inc getting their tri oval starter pack
SCX Cars - the only brand I can see that does at least 10

All I want to do is the following:

Replicate a NASCAR track oval
Have as many 'current' NASCAR models as possible to race with
Have a digital system
Pit stops setup
Times/Laps to be automatically recorded/exportable to PC
Have cars race on their own/pit on their own
At least 6 cars on the track at the same time.
**Possibility of having 2 concurrent tracks setup 'alongside' each other (ie in NASCAR id have 4 lanes deep.. making the top of the banking quite high) and for it to do all of the above.. so in theory id have 12 cars running at the same time**

Id love as much help as possible as well as pointers as to where to source this stuff at a competitive price.

Cheers all,
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