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OK excuse my english I can't be bothered to type it properly. I've raced NASCAR on routed so magnet is just a weight but had the interior which I taped down. Got to be a sidewinder much quiker as wt better distributed. Run the engine in and oil it - get a good motor. Add some lead in front of the rear tyres I found 4g each side was optimum and 3g in up by the guide. Remove all sideways slop in axles.

Lower the front post so it sits lower, remove the exhaust and trim the chassis about 1mm all the way round. Expand the screws a bit so that if flexes real good. Glue everything donw incl tyres to rims and rims to axles and lower the profile of the rear tyres by about 1-2mm and the front 2-3mm. Varnish the front tyres and as it was run on roted I fixed the font axle so the wheels were <0.5mm off the track - you'll need vertical movement in the frint axle to cope with the bumps on classic track.

We had to use stock tyres but softened them with lighter fluid.

Play with the wt distrb which will make the car handle very diff and depend on the type of track and your driving style preference.

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