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Hi Tony

Tucker is right...... The first thing you need to do is go over the chassis, glue in your oilets ( axle bushings ) and take any slop out the the rear axle... Also check and see how much slop ( play ) there is in the bushings to start with... loose bushings or too much slop in the axle bushings can cause the hop problem you are having.....

Another cause is you might have a bent axle?? This will also cause the rear end to hop....

Try swaping out the rear axle unit with another car the runs well and see it the car still has the problem...... it it doesnt then the problem is the rear axle unit in the car.... if you still have the problem then you need to start playing around with the weight..... Slick7 makes some good stick on lead sheet that I use on all my cars....

I dont run many RTR cars on my track, mostly scratch built cars. But I have the same problem from time to time..... And I found that playing with and adding more weight to the chassis will cure the problem.... With my chassis I find that I am just getting too much traction.... I start adding weight to just behind the guide and then put weight on the out side parts of the chassis and this will cure the problem..

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