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Wondering if anyone can help me,

Want to find out as many of the NASCAR and NASCAR truck series bodies that have been released to start my own collection. Also point me in right direction of where to get them from well priced mainly just the bodies as won't need full chassis on every car just a few to transfer bodies onto when want to race on my track.
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Oh yes! Loads of bodies on a few good chassis - that's the beauty of HO. You'll be in Nascar heaven

Basically, the are three main platforms for Nascar bodies:

Life Like (both M and T chassis): four or five different releases (with all the 'real-life' makes for each) from mid-90s, late 90s, early 2000s, mid 2000s and the COTs (2008 onward). Plus a range of 90s Nastrucks and winged Sprintcars. Most liveries are Nascar licensed.

Tyco 440X2 wide-pan: Two to three releases from the late 80s, mid and late 90s, including a Days of Thunder series. Plus some 1990s Nastrucks. Most liveries are Nascar licensed.

AFX (Fits Magnatraction, AW X-traction, Turbo, SG+ and Mega-G short wheelbase): 1990s T-birds and Chevy Montecarlo. Very few are Nascar licensed - a couple of T-birds and a couple of Chevys. The Johnny Lightning Chevy body is a nice racing body that fits the AFX cars - and perfect for Talladega Nights re-liveries.

There are body clips from BudsHO that convert the Tyco bodies onto a SG+ chassis. Plus there are a fair few late-60s and 70s Nascar bodies from Aurora, Auto World, Johnny Lightning, Tyco and Life Life.

I might have mentioned that I am a bit of a Nascar nut. I really am not a collector (honest), but I do have most of the Life Like COT bodies (still searching for the #18 M&M Toyota). I also have the four Life Like Nastrucks from the 90s and three of the Tyco ones. I have three of the Days of Thunder cars too.

I run the Life Like cars on the original M chassis, which I find a more satisfying drive on a home track. I run the AFX bodies at home on the Auto World X-traction chassis. The Tyco wide pan chassis is nice to drive too.

Okay, here's some pics:

Life Like COTs

Life Like Nastrucks

Classic AW & JL.

And you could always go lexan:
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I think the received wisdom in the slot car world is to clearly define what you are collecting before you start, otherwise financial ruin is inevitable

If you're going to build a four lane oval at home (I remember you saying that at MBR?) you could start with four different cars and see what you like. If there's one type or series you really fancy, you could decide to collect all the bodies. With the Life Like bodies, Lucky Bob has pics of a large proportion of the cars that have been produced.

Definitely start looking for the Life Like trucks now, if you want them. Of the racing versions, three are quite easy (#3, 89 & 24), but the search for the last (#35) is an odyssey of epic proportions
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Those are great Rich. I really like the Fairground Specials too.

But sadly Phil won't ship any of his bodies to Europe
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