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This year's AGM has begun for the national GT3 below are they topics to be discussed if you have any opinions please let me know and I will pass them on,Nick

Dates so far:

2021 Race Calendar

Round 1: Wolverhampton SCC, Sunday 7th February

Round 2: South Manchester SRC, Sunday 25th April

Round 3: Rockingham SCC, Sunday 13th June

Round 4: Molesey SC, Sunday 11th July

Round 5: Pendle Slot Racing, Sunday tba

Round 6: North Staffs SRC, Sunday 17th October

Suggest Wolves also identify a date later in year in case COVID restrictions still in play

Main items to note
1) No real proposal rec'd for rule change. Comments rec'd re box standard but that just felt like a can of worms. So we will be keeping rules as 2020.
2) 2020 registrations roll forward and fees remain the same
2) Julian taking step back so propose Phil Field takes the role, along with Nick H, on the tech committee

Items to vote:
1) Series Format
I - Sunday only (my preference due to time commitment at w/e for myself but also from others whom have commented)
ii - Allow clubs to host Saturday practice at their discretion

2) Championships/Trophies - Keep overall drivers and club championship as current. Sub trophies:
I - keep as current (ie NSR and SA)
ii - move to age based trophies (<50, >50)
iii - move to grading trophies (clubman, main grade (see below))

Based on last 2yrs overall drivers results, rank entrants:
Clubman - newcomers and entrants ranked >20
Main Grade - entrants ranked 6-19

let me know by end Nov please and I will publish the series announcement
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