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Hi guys, i'd like to show you now two absolute rarities: the first and the last set National Toys produced..

The first set you see here is really, really rare, overall because this one is totally unused..just very few left and this one is the only known to be in this condition.

It was made in 1963 and, in my opinion, it has one of the most beautiful covers you can find: a real photo taken on the 7th of September 1958, at the Italian Grand Prix in can see the the n.14 Ferrari driven by Mike Hawthorn and the n.26 Vanwall driven by Stirling Moss..they're approaching the mighty Parabolica with all the people around, and without any security
..the only thing is that, for some reasons, the cars' colours have been changed, but the image is still wonderful in my opinion.

This set contains two Ferrari Superqualo (so the second series) and, as you can see, there isn't any usual speed controller, but just a battery box with at both ends two metal stripes you had to push or pull to regulate the cars' speed..a bit like in some other really old metal my knowledge, that's the only slot car set (so excluding the earlier metal ones) that used this solution..

The second set, instead, is the last one they produced..and it's also the their biggest and, so far, the only one known to exist

I talked with one of the founder's sons, and he told me they produced in 1970 about 600 of these huge sets, with even two transformers, but since then he didn't see one anymore and so all the big collectors and slot cars' historians i've talked to..maybe the price was really high so just a handful was sold and this one is not just the only known, but it's even MIB..

As you can see, it's a 4-lane set, with a white Cooper, a blue BRM, a red Ferrari and a green Brabham..they look all the same, actually, just on the underside it's written their name..

Last thing : look at the "gold" medal: they wanted to make serious stuff..

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