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To all digital (and analogue) racers,

I have done some basic programming and at this moment I can drive one car in analogue mode with the Nbase hardware as it is.
With little hardware changes on the Nbase and the simple-H analogue racing with two should be possible.

What are the advantages:

1) One system for both digital and analogue racing.
2) Out of the box car testing prior to chipping.
3) No need to chip all cars, but still have the possibility to driver them
4) The same controller for both systems
5) The same curves for both systems (although I consider to use 64 or more PWM steps for more control)
6) Better braking system.
7) Full control of the curves
8) Nitro Boost and other existing functionality
9) Other features, name it and I will consider it.

Anyone who has an Nbase will be able to test it soon.
note: At the moment this project is in alpha state.
It my remain there if there for some period if there is no interest.
Let me know...

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