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Need advice on best race management setup

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I'm a newbie - only 6 months into Scalextric. I have plans (and all the track pieces) for a digital layout of about 22-23 metres. I bought a cheap triple cup set and then sold the 4 car powerbase and bought a brand new 7042 six car base, a second C7024 power supply and three more hand controllers.

As I will be racing with up to 6 people I wanted a bigger screen than the 7042's LCD so the obvious thing to do is go race management on my laptop with a bigger monitor (22" widescreen) hung off the back and positioned above the track.

I want the pit lane game to still work. I also want to run practice sessions, qualifying sessions, grand prix style races (first to complete set number of laps) and endurance races (highest number of laps in a set time).

The reason I want the pit lane game to work is that my son (aged 5) understands the pit lane game concept but may not be able to cope with more sophisticated fuel load stuff.

However I would be very open to the more sophisticated pit related calls for when the adults race.

MY QUESTION: What is the best race management software to achieve these goals? What else do I need to buy (cables, pit lane mods etc.)?

I'm good with PCs and reasonable with a soldering iron if that helps!

All advice gratefully received!

Thank you.

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The nice thing about Pit Pro is that it retains the simple game if you want to play that with your son. It doesn't beep any more, but most consider that a blessing.
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