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Need assistance on an ID for this vehicle

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My normal modes of communication for this sort of thing are down, and I know someone here would have an answer. I still haven't been able to build a car using my own resin formula or made my own molds, or been able to make tires from rubber trees I planted on the porch, or forged a chassis from brass I mined in the backyard, so I'm still avoiding the forum unfortunately until I can otherwise get my act together as a true bona fide builder good enough to interact on SF instead of being a mere hack assembler of parts.

Anyhow-- is this a cooper or Lotus Formula Junior, please?

Thanks for your help on this!

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Thanks- I had half a hunch it could be a T67, and squinting at the logo left me also thinking something wasn't right.

Also the stripes, but some vintage guy could've just painted his Lotus that way for kicks.

As for the roll bar- I took the pics at Hershey last Saturday- and some of the cars do have modern safety amenities, others do not. The highly original Yeoman Credit T51 did not.

But thanks again! If need be I can be reached through Ecuure Martini- I see him now and again at the races- or at IHSR's board.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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