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Ok so i need help with a track design...
while looking at possibities....

The plans are making a 3 lane 1:24/1:32 routed track and using something like oxigen or scorpius to Digify it.
It will be 3 laned fast asphalt and will have a 1:32 single lane looped rally section attached to it.

That means i will have to be able to exit the asphalt and enter the rally lane,
and should have the choice of staying on the rally track doing rounds or choose to change lane and enter the asphalt 3 lane again.

Will give the asphalt 3 lane at least one lane changer each lane for Digital mode.

The space i have is 5,35x4,20 Meter i am starting to realize that a fast 1:24 3 lane and a 1:32 Single lane looped rally section may be difficult to realize.

If annybody has some ideas qua track design i am all ears, as i am suffering a "designers(writers)" block

Thank you in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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