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So here I am on my second week runing my SSD.

In the process of powering up those flippers on all my XLCs. Being kind of new at this and also having a 3 and 6 year old, we tend to stop alot on those darn flippers

So, I gave it a bit of thinking and now I'm trying to power up those exit flippers on the clc:s and pitlane exit.

The idea is simple, but I seem to lack the knowledge needed. The idea is to drill holes in the rails, mount a pin/needle in the middle of the hole (isolated from the rail, filling inbetween, glue, whatever). So, whenever a car passes over the pin, the braids from the car will power up the pin. Pin then connected to a other rail with a (so far simple, homemade) rectifier. The DC output then goes to a dual coil latching relay, which is hooked up to the exit flipper.
Drew a picture to help you understand and I know it looks like my kids made the picture

But anyhow, this is sort of what I'm trying to do:

Worked, for 1 try. And now seems like I blew the diods or something?

I'm now asking for someone better than me, to help me out with the electronics. I admit, I'm in the dark here. I just took for diods and soldererd together. Don't know what kind of diods I need to use. So many parameters and totaly out of my area here.

So, questions:

* What diods would suit my need? Please be specific and a short explaination as of why would be appriciated.
* Maybe it wouldn't hurt with a capacitor in there? Which one? How?
* Should I use a Resistor in there? Where? Which one? Value please. (I'm using a TQ2-L2-9V - Panasonic as relay.
* Or a premade capacitor? Which one? Values and why?

Or could this whole idea be done with something else than a rectifier? I would like to keep the idea of rail working as "trigger", cause it's simple and can be placed anywhere. Like in the picture, where it would be impossible for 2 cars to trigger both at the same time.

Also, I noticed that I'm getting about 17V DC out of my rectifier...
I'm sort of not knowing what Im doing here, but I know what I wanna do


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Thx, but I think you misunderstood me.

I AM doing that to my XLC, and whilst doing this, I figured it has flaws. I'm doing it for the "lane changing flippers", cause simply it seems like a good idea and is working fine for ppl, just like you said.
However, the flaws I find is related to EXIT flippers.

* It can't be done to the exit flipper on my pitlane. Rephrase, can be done, but would be pointless in most cases, since while you are in pit, there is a great risk someone will pass outside of the pit and thus change it and thus making the "fix" useless.

* If applying this solution to the exit flippers on a clc, when racing tight with someone, their is a great risk the car behind you (in either lane depending on their lane choice) will switch the flipper current before you pass it. Sure, it's not a show stopper, you just won't get power.

So, when it comes to exit flippers, I'd like to try this, cause I think it would work really well. If you just place these triggers/sensors in a correct spot, noone will change the flipper power before you have passed it.
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