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The trouble is that I don't own any Scalextric track nor have I ever seen it in person!

What are the A and B measurements?

Do the metal rails actually form the outside of the slot?

I also heard the slot wide is 1/8 inch. Is that true?

Thank you all for the help with silly questions!

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I’ll try to find a piece of track to measure when I get home, if nobody else answers first.
For what it’s worth, one of the main reasons I changed from Scalextric Sport to Policar track was that the metal-lined slot was too narrow on the Scalextric track. It gets even narrower as the track gets old and begins to distort, to the point where it will sometimes ‘grab’ a car guide as it goes over a track joint. The connection between track rails isn’t very good, either. It relies on tabs formed from the ends of the rails just pushing together.
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