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Trying to group some 1967 Le Mans racers.

Flat cannot find any:

1) Alfa Romeo T33,

2) Ferrari 275GTB/4,

3) Alpine210 Renault.

4) Apine211 Renault,

5) Mirage M1 Ford,

6) Lola T70 Mk 3 Aston Martin,

7) Ferrari 365 P2/P3,

Of the 85 racers, I can now get 14 of them, including significant 6 of the top finishers. And some nice other racers, Porsches, Chaparrals, Matra MS630 (neat ride). But am lacking big time in the 7 racers illustrated above. Worked my behind off trying to find most of the ones I did.

No, I'm not trying to get all 85! Would cost a fortune, and right now the price is, let's say, fairly high. Just need about 7 more, and should be set.

I've flat run into, for me, a real road block in finding these other racers . . .

My desire for other racers is for pit lane duties. And the fact that the Alpines and Alphas are very cool looking racers. Besides running the cars. I don't want static cars, I want runners.

Won't bore on more details . . .

The help provided so far has led me to several racers ... really appreciate that . . .

So please if you have any links, clues, whatever, please let me know.

As always, thanking you in advance for your help . . .


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Scalextric did a "tupperware" Mirage M1 in the late 60s. Easily available on eBay UK as there was a licensed version (in a dingy dark green plastic) made in the Soviet Union which later flooded the UK market. Occasionally turns up on eBay mislabelled as a GT40. Phil Smith and Derek Cooper will probably have them in stock.

There's one on the front page of the CSCRA website - - Gasowder's car that I drove at the Wellingborough retro meeting a few years back.

Lola T-70 Mk3 made by Fly, also in kit form.


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I remember Scalextric France making a tupparware Alfa T33 in the late 70's. Didn't fly do one as well?

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1) Alfa Romeo T33, - protoslot - resin

2) Ferrari 275GTB/4, - protoslot and currently Ocar

3) Alpine210 Renault. - Scalextric/protoslot as stated above.....

4) Apine211 Renault, - dont know of any.....

5) Mirage M1 Ford, - Scalextric from the 70's

6) Lola T70 Mk 3 Aston Martin, - The aston martin version is quit difficult as the body shape seems to have been different at the back of the car - dont know of one

7) Ferrari 365 P2/P3, - Strombecker made on in 60's - Ocar Made a long tail version a few years ago - not sure of anything in current production

Again - look at Pendle/MRE and then e-bay - should be able to get some of them there

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Coopdevil, appreciate the link.

Rikorocket, if I can convince the producer might be able to solve my T33 conundrum.

Dingleberry, beautiful car, just out of my 1967 era. Still worth the post, always nice to look at cool Lolas.

Dopamine, Alpine210 issue solved, thanks a lot, know of more let me know . . .

abie321, Pendle is almost always empty, at least for stuff I'm looking for. Surely a great group and site . . .

Have had OCAR on my list for a bit, solutions there.

eBay, a couple of possibilities, but not as many as in years past. Also a bit more snotty than last time I looked to buy there. Sellers are a bit too into themselves ... a turn off for me, will buy there as last resort, even if it costs me a few bucks more.

I need info, cars, prices, etc, not cuteness and snotty arse attitudes . . .

Please keep looking for rides, will appreciate that, this post found a couple UI didn't have!

Also need:

Don't stop now! I've still got a number of cars to fill the desired grid. There's cars such as:

#64 Abarth1300 OT - Fiat,

#9 Chevrolet corvette,

#28 275GTB/C, don't know why this is so elusive,

#52 Peugeot 204,

#50 Mini Marcos GT - BMC Copper S,

#54 Costin Nathan - Hillman Imp,

#10 Bizzanni GT Stadia 5300 Chevrolet,

#50 Alpine M64 - Renault RG8,

$50 Team USA 411,

#51 Donald Healey Motor Co. GB,

And any number of 911's numbers:

#42 Auguste Vueillet, 911S

#67 Pierre Farjon, 911S

#60 Philippe Farjon, F Porsche 911S,

#43 Franc, F Porsche 911S,

#?? Sylvain Garant, 911S

In the XXXV Grand Prix d´Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans 1967

Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France some of car numbers don't show . . .

Anyhow . . .

#32 Ferrari Dino 206SP,

#31 Ferrari Dino 206 SP,

#66 Porsche 904 GTS.

I'll probably stop there, that said. PLEASE do as you just did and help me ferret out some more of these rides.

Will, as always, appreciate your help, and expertise . . .

Thanking you in advance . . .

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