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Hi Ice

I don't really know what sort of layout your after, but I've shown one idea below.

With a large layout like the one you propose you have to be sure you can reach all areas of the track, especially if you intend to try out any landscaping works.

This "U" shaped layout will allow access to the inner areas for marshalling , car recovery etc.

The Layout was designed on Tracker 2000 which I strongly recommend you buy, it not only is very, very useful but also a lot of fun.

The track used was as follows :-

Code Section Used
C157 Short Straight 0
C159 Half Straight 6
C160 Straight 65
C151 Standard Curve 18
C153 Outer Curve 52
PT84 Outer Outer Curve 16

Track Lengths
Track Lane 1 Lane 2
1 69.46 ft 67.85 ft
2 66.25 ft 64.65 ft


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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