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When I was looking for plans I went through every post in the Track and Scenery forum here at Slot Forum and at Slot Car Illustrated. You can find the Slot Car Illustrated forum at this link:

Within the posts there are often links to pages where guys have pictures and track plans of their layouts.

You can also download a layout book from Scalextric at: As I recall, the book has 2 and 4 lane layouts for both Sport and Classic/SCX. You can use the Sport layout plans, I don't think the length of straights or radii of curves has changed between Sport and Classic, just the surface, depth of slot, and type of crossover and chicane pieces.

To build my two-lane layout, I started with a Scaley layout plan and fiddled with it using track layout software and building small tracks that incorporated various parts of my designs to be sure they were race-worthy. You can see the plan I started with and what I ended up with at my layout's webpage at: .

I also just got back in the hobby, after 30 years! I really recommend you check out the layout design software that is available. There's a link to a great Mac program called RailModeller on my site, I think Tracker2000 is the program of choice on the PC. These programs are easy to learn and use and very addicting - it's fun just to make new designs.

If all else fails Fantasy World Hobbies will do you a design for free, see this page:

Finally, for inspiration, check out the awesome layouts at
Amazing Slots. These are bigger than you want to build but are just magnificent and may give you some ideas.

Welcome back, glad you're here!

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