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Do you want to personally feature in the Scalextric Sport Digital and Sport World products?

In the circuit designer of Sport World there are spectators that can be placed around a circuit.

The Developers have requested that real Scalextric enthusiasts, our SlotForum members, are going to be in that crowd.

All that is needed is a front and back shot from each person who wants to participate according to the following instructions:

Format: The image should be sent as a jpeg and be no bigger than 640x480 pixels in resolution.

Dress: You should be dressed for watching motor racing (i.e. no suits!).

Background: Photograph against a plain coloured wall; white, blue, red or magnolia if you like, just so long as the colour of the wall is in contrast to the colour of the clothes you are wearing.

Camera position: The camera should be positioned as far away as you can with a long zoom lens if possible to eliminate perspective. Position the camera just below chest height, again to minimise perspective effects.

Pose: Strike a pose if you like - cheering, looking through binoculars, eating a sandwich or just standing with your hands in your pockets. Just make sure it's something you can reproduce when you turn around to take the back view.

E-Mail the images to: [email protected]
and be sure to tell us your forum name, your real name and your height so we can make sure everyone is in proportion!

You have two weeks to do this so get clicking now.

If you, your friends or your family want to be included in this landmark product for Scalextric, then send us your images, the more the merrier!

· Graham Windle
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Sorry guys but me and Mrs Grah are on holiday at Breezybots naturist home for the elderly for the next 2 weeks are you sure you want back and front pictures(pam bring me the camera and the iron)
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