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Hi Gareth,

As Deane says an additional power supply and terminal block is a good idea. No one likes to go flying off the road just because the other car has crashed!

The simplest rule in terms of what will and what won't run is:

Matchbox Powertrack 6 volt doesn't play with anything else. Wrong pickup width and voltage.

Everything else is pretty interchangeable.

Micro Scalextric are a great way to get some saloon cars for the track and rally cars. There are a number of very nice looking cars in the range as well and best of all, the bodies aren't going to end up in pieces mostly!!

I would avoid Micro Scalextric for F1 cars. The most recent ones they've produced are hideous to look at. They've not even done the front wings as a wing but as right angles extending down from the nose on each side. The older ones are better but you are likely to run into racers and collectors trying to buy them and the price will get expensive.

The Autoworld X-tractions are a good and affordable range to pick up. The Ultra G versions have a single neo magnet which increases the grip to levels suitable for younger drivers. They also do lots of colourful Carfitti bodies which I think will appeal to younger eyes.

For F1 and open wheelers then the Tyco 440 x2s, Tomy Turbos and Tomy SG+ are all good bets. The Turbo has the least grip (but is a lightning bolt in a straight line), then the Tyco and then the SG+ depending on the set up.

There is also the Tomy Mega G which is a low profile chassis which means you get amazing looking Champ Car bodies and GT40s and Daytonas.

LifeLike produce a lot of Nascars if you want them as well. The M Chassis has less grip and slides in the corners, the T Chassis sticks like glue and is very fast indeed.

Hope that all helps. Let me know if you need anymore. I'm sure Deane has already explained the best places to shop.


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