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Hi all HO Fans.

I'll start by saying that in truth i know very little (OK nothing) about HO cars and buying them.

My only experience so far was racing on the excellent track at the NSCC 25th Anniversary and SlotRallyGB event several years ago and buying some HO rally cars for my collection.

So - my sister called me to say - can you get soem cars please - we have just been given a big Tyco Racing set ("Grand Prix" - with Nigel on the box art!).

I need to buy some cars for the kids - F1, Sallon, Rally, etc - probably about 8 in total.

Can you recomend some and where to buy them - thanks in advance.

They dont need to be mint/boxed, but do need to be complete and run with mags.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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