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Need To Clean My Rails Again

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Soon after I got back into slots again I read a suggestion that wiping plastic track with a cloth moistened with WD40 was/is a good way of removing accumulated dust. So I tried it a few times but gave it up because I thought it was the WD40 that had caused the rails to become sticky over time.

Then I read that cheap baby wipes are a good idea, so I dismantled the track, wiped each piece, cleaned the rails with a rubber and blew the debris off with airbrush propellent. At this point, all my cars got new braids before going back on the track. I only wiped the track infrequently, but after only about 4 months the rails are dirty/sticky again and I'm looking at having to go through the cleaning process again on 100+ pieces of track.

I suppose that I could get some of this wonderful Inox stuff I've read about to wipe on the rails to keep them cleaner longer (once I've cleaned them yet again), but I'd have to get it shipped from Australia which is hassle, not to mention potentially expensive. I'll have to replace the braids on 40-odd cars again as well.

What methods do others use for removing dust from plastic track? Is it the stuff I've been using that's causing the sticky rails, or am I missing something else? When it first happened, I thought it could be thrown-off toothpaste I'd used to mesh gears, but I stopped doing that before I last cleaned the track.

Any advice/thoughts gratefully read.

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QUOTE (injectorman @ 6 Jun 2012, 02:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's it, once fortnightly. Takes around ten minutes for a 100 ft track 2 lane.
Inox only needed if theres underlying issues, but cheap and postage isnt dear.

I disagree, but you knew that. ;-)
I haven't had to touch the rails of my track for months. I can't remember the month of the last time I wiped the track down in order to clean the rails.
Oh sure, there's some dust on the track surface, but I get that off with some car running and cleaning the tires.
Before INOX, I was cleaning the track every week or so, just like you. While it may have only taken 10 minutes, I'm glad to not be doing that every time I want to run cars without conductivity problems.
I don't run cars every day, either.
The fact that so many people, not just me, recommend INOX to treat the rails should mean something. I'm surprised there's an Aussie left who hasn't tried it.
It's nice that Scalextric recommend a damp cloth and all, but I'd rather have a track I don't have to clean, pretty much at all.

Stuart, get the INOX from Ade and give it a try. I'll buy it off you for double what you pay plus shipping if you don't like the results.

Oh, and for the braids, are they really badly worn and frayed, or are you replacing them because of dirt/grime buildup? I've found when braids are in good condition but just dirty, that cleaning them using an old toothbrush and some lighter fluid or alcohol works great. They look and work good as new.
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50 years ago, there was no INOX MX3. It's still "oil", but lanolin based. What kind of "oil" do you use, Kev?
I appreciate the history lesson, of course, but I'm of the opinion that it's possible for things to improve over a 50 year time span. IMHO, INOX MX3 is one of those things.
Why not give it a try? It's still oil. You wouldn't be going against the historical record of track maintenance in that service sheet, so you wouldn't be breaking the authenticity of your layout... unless authenticity requires 50 year old oils?
The only difference is that you would need to perform those maintenance duties far less often. That's all.

Kev, can you tell us what kind of oil you use when you do your maintenance?
Awesome job, Ade! I seriously considered sending him some, but secretly hoped someone closer would pick up that gauntlet.
Though, maybe Kev is just a glutton for punishment, and switching to INOX will deprive him of the pleasure of all that cleaning work? ;-)
There's no question that your vintage layouts are second to none in both completeness and condition, Kev.
I know you don't need my congratulations, but you have them.
That's a good point, but I never meant to imply that what he does is not effective, or that INOX would make the track PERFORM better (though it might be marginally better). In this case, I only want him to try it in order to cut down the work he has to put into his track to keep it in such great condition. Instead of once every week or two, it would be once every few months.
I thought plebys was for tarnished/rusty track? I would not do anything to risk the nickel plating on the rail until it's already too late.
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