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Need To Clean My Rails Again

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Soon after I got back into slots again I read a suggestion that wiping plastic track with a cloth moistened with WD40 was/is a good way of removing accumulated dust. So I tried it a few times but gave it up because I thought it was the WD40 that had caused the rails to become sticky over time.

Then I read that cheap baby wipes are a good idea, so I dismantled the track, wiped each piece, cleaned the rails with a rubber and blew the debris off with airbrush propellent. At this point, all my cars got new braids before going back on the track. I only wiped the track infrequently, but after only about 4 months the rails are dirty/sticky again and I'm looking at having to go through the cleaning process again on 100+ pieces of track.

I suppose that I could get some of this wonderful Inox stuff I've read about to wipe on the rails to keep them cleaner longer (once I've cleaned them yet again), but I'd have to get it shipped from Australia which is hassle, not to mention potentially expensive. I'll have to replace the braids on 40-odd cars again as well.

What methods do others use for removing dust from plastic track? Is it the stuff I've been using that's causing the sticky rails, or am I missing something else? When it first happened, I thought it could be thrown-off toothpaste I'd used to mesh gears, but I stopped doing that before I last cleaned the track.

Any advice/thoughts gratefully read.

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I usually wipe the track down with a damp cloth, wipe the rails over with WD40 to remove any excess grime, this is the most time consuming part as I usually keep on wiping them down until no more of the black stuff (carbon build up I think) is left. I usually finish off with some Inox on a rag applied with the one finger over both the rails. I have read here on the forum that Inox is available in the UK but can't remember the distributors name. I don't clean the rails as much as I usually just give the track a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any dust and will then apply some Inox to the braids and give that a run around the track. I'm quite slack really as I will usually set a car or 2 on the digital APB to just run a few laps and clean the braids every now and again until I'm happy that the braids aren't picking up any more carp from the rails. Works for me and I'm sure others all have different ways of keeping their rails clean. Best thing I ever did was get hold of a spray can of Inox MX3, read about here on the forum and found out that it was an Aussie product, had a can half an hour later, about time I could actually go round the corner and get something I needed for the track instead of getting it shipped in from the UK.

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