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Need top six cars in 1967 Le Mans



Need your help! Need slot cars for 1967 Le Mans.

For example, MRRC makes a red number 1 Ford GT 40 Mk. IV ... But there may be better slot car manufacturers for this version.

These cars need to be 1/32 scale.

Also need
Number 21 Ferrari 330 P4
Number 24 Ferrari 330 P4
Number 2 Ford GT 40 Mk. IV
Number 41 Porsche 907/6L
Number 38 Porsche 910/6K

Have eight lane racing, but want to leave it at six 1967 top six finishers. Decided to cut it off to six.

So please recommend good manufactures of these slot cars. Please try and make it so they are still being sold, thus can be had.

So, I'm looking for advice and availability of best running versions of the above slot car Le Mans 1967 list.

Thanking you in advance . . .


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What are you looking for - Looks or racing?

NSR make a good Ford mk4 which is good racer but possibly not as accurate at a detail level? Only Ferrari's I know of are the Scalextric versions of a few years ago as well as a P4 they mad in about '69 which is not a bad replica - but if you want to race competatively - may need some work on it.

The Porsche 910 is made by MRRC - but not in the colours of the Lemans car - yet!

The porsche 907 - I am not sure that this has been made - although it might have been made in resin which would not be of use for you as it would be slower than the plastic cars above.

I you want equal racing then I would ignore the NSR fords as they are far and away faster than the Scalex/MRRC cars.

Look on advertisers sites such as Pendle, MRE, Derek Cooper and Scaleslotcars eyc for prices and availability of the cars....

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If you don't mind painting then a look over at Betta could be worth it.
A styrene thick body with windows cut out and a thin lexan for cockpit and windows. And then a PCS or HRS chassis.
And then pop over to Patto's Place for decals.

I've somewhere started such a project, got the Peugeot and Nissan of -90. Haven't gotten around to them thou. Have cut the windows on one of them, I think.

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For the Porsche 907 only GMC make this - you can get it built at ScaleSlotCars for £100. Abie321 is right though - it'll be slow unless you fit a magnet plus powerful motor. MRRC make a pretty Porsche 910 but not the exact car you need (yet!). For the Porsche 906 (Elford/Pon) I believe that Fly made a model of this car but I'm not certain.

Best wishes


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Well ... finally got the system to take these little photos, what a pain, anyhow . . .

At any rate this is all I can find, five of the top six, and one other. Would love to find: #38 Porsche 910/6; #37 Porsche 906/6; #66 Porsche 904 GTS; #46 Alpine210; #28 Ferrari 275 GTB/C; #42 Porsche 911; #51 Donald Healey Motor GB; #64 Abarth 1300 OT - Fiat Coupe; #19; #55 Alpine M64; #9 Chevrolet Corvette; #40 Porsche 907/6; #14 Mirage M1 Ford; #44 Lotus MK 47 Ford; #52 Peugeot 204; #12 Lola T70 Mk 3 Aston Martin; #16 Ford France GT40; #50 Mini Marcos GT BMC Cooper S; #31 Ferrari Dino 206 SP; #34 Alpha Romeo T33; #26 Ferrari 365 P2/P3; #29 Alpine 211; #50 Alpine M64; #50 Team USA 411.

The above list consists of one of each possible car running at Le Mans in 1967. A few were left out. Granted, I won't get them all, probably will never find them all, or make all the spends.

Still, need more cars!

Anyhow, would really appreciate some more help.

Want legitimate cars for running duty, as well as to properly fill pit stop lanes. This has been tougher than anticipated. Probably should have done say Le Mans 1970, then all but 2 of the top six would be Porches, lots easier, but for me need more than one dominate car/manufacturer, or possibility.

Before I get flamed, skewered, and scourged. I love Porsches too, that said, 4 of top six, is well not as let's say, exciting. Porsches lovers, I'm with you. I wish too that Porsche would do more than 911's at Le Mans. It's been four decades since, too bad . . .

Anyhow, this is the top six finishers at 1970 Le Mans
23 Porsche 917K Porsche 4.5L Flat-12 343 2 S
3 Porsche 917L Porsche 4.5L Flat-12 338 3 P
27 Porsche 908/2L Porsche 3.0L Flat-8 335 4 S
11 Ferrari 512S Ferrari 5.0L V12 313 5 S
12 Ferrari 512S Ferrari 5.0L V12 305 6 GT
40 Porsche 914/6 GT Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 285 7 GT
47 Porsche 911S Porsche 2.3L Flat-6 282

Anyhow any help you can bestow will be most appreciated . . .

Thanking you in advance . . .

PS, seems the one car post didn't get deleted in time, seems this outfit allows only 30 minutes, sorry about that.


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No I didn't, until I have some certainty that my quest will work, am not going to buy until enough cars are lined and will make a decent grid. Thus far that grid is not where it needs to be. Do appreciate the links, went to eBay to and they have precious few answers for other cars.

Have gone through European and other sites, at least those that I can guess that notation or placement means "car" or "slot cars" and can maneuver from there. Know a little Spanish ... but some sites are not intuitive automatically as to where to click on "slot cars." A mistake in my book. Once was able to navigate a Japanese site and actually found and bought what I needed.


Appreciate the link, thanks for that . . .

Will try to get hold of the guy at the site about the build business. MRRC has some of the racers I need, a few are not quite but close.

I'm not a good enough "searcher" I guess, since I flat cannot, do not find some old racers I know must be out there!

Did go to the site. Some cool cars there ... didn't find any I need, but still have to go through his entire site, which I will.


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Looks or racing?

Both, to a degree. As intimated in my other post. Some times the cars will line up, and race. At other times, spend "time" in pit row. This is analog, so no lane changing etc. Never got comfortable enough with digital, guess it works many guys are using it.

As said in my other post, have found six cars, top five and one that fell outside, but still is a cool race car.

Surprised that the Porsches are so hard to find, thought there would be a better second market for them.

As for say for example, an Alpine 210 (very, very cool looking race car) didn't expect to find them, was just hoping, as luck might have it. For others, just no old market I guess, quite surprised. Guess emphasis is on new to two years old.

Will check those you suggested ... and see what happens.

Eric M

Oh man ... used to do the Lexan game back when. Accuracy usually sucks. Still appreciate the thought. It's a good one, one I may have to pursue. So no pooh poohing your suggestion, just thinking openly about trying such.

Good old Pattos, have used his stuff, many times. Sometimes not happy with the decals, but he's the source, so I deal with it.

All your suggestions are good ones and make me think of alternatives. You've both helped open my mind to other, perhaps, necessary alternatives.

After, if, I find the cars, I'm going to have a professional track built. Can't try to do the machinery work on my own. Have tinnitus and hypercusis and cannot tolerate loud noises. So, must go to one of the track builders.

But, before I have a Le Mans type track, with many options to make the racing better. I need to have the cars available first.

Thanks again for everyone's help, hope haven't missed someone. Without you guys ... I'm partially blind in finding these apparently rare rides!!!

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