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I recently purchased the Triple Cup set and extended it with 8 straights and 8 R2 curves. I've purchased the 6-car APB and a USB cable from RichG together with the correct drivers. I've also bought SSDC (the latest upgrade) and also upgraded the firmware to the latest version. I'm running the software on a 17in i7 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro running Windows 7 in Bootcamp. Everything works well except I just can't get my head round setting up a car to run as a pace car ... no matter what I do I can't record the pace car throttle settings.
My circuit has an average lap speed of about 5 seconds and the APB is situated immediately after the pit lane exit. I'm puzzled by the settings for Minimum Lap Time, Pit Entrance Min and Pit Entrance Max. Can anyone give me a rough guide to what I should input in these fields, please, based on the information I've given about the track?
Some of the fields in SSDC are self-explanatory, but some are vague because there's no real hint as to why and what I should be entering. Also, one of my cars suddenly lost its ID (1) this morning and the LED for Car #6 lit up on the APB. I had to re-assign the car to ID #1 using the original Power Base. Is it possible I accidentally wiped out the car's ID by an inadvertent button-press in SSDC?

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