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Even today, the race control systems used in analogue racing don't do absolutely everything individual clubs want automatically. But as Michael says, they do run races smoothly. (Well the best of them do.)

The trick is to have a race controller who is competent and confident in what he's doing. Yes he'll make use of what the automatic race control system will do, perhaps use a spreadsheet written to organise the data the race control system won't do - not forgetting pen and paper which still works just fine for some jobs in the hands of a competent individual.

Of course some of these race controllers have had years of practice starting out with the rather rudimentary race control systems that were all that existed many years ago, so the good ones know what they are doing. About the only thing that's very difficult to work round is a system that miscount laps. So any that do that are prime candidates for the reject pile.

Just like in analogue, wait for the perfect race control system that does everything you want and you'll have a very very long wait.
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