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Matt Tucker
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these are sitting there and need to go to a home where they will receive the appreciation they deserve. Price includes p&p to the UK, overseas at additional cost


Slot-It Mazda 787B White kit - BNIB shrink wrap £25

Fly Mann Truck - 1xYellow and 1xSilver both used and unboxed £25 each

Ninco BMW X5 used and unboxed £20

Ninco Hummer used and unboxed £20

Powerslot Nissan 350Z Used and unboxed with NSR ultragrips on the rear £25

Ninco Ferarri Testarosa - tuned with NC8 unboxed £25

MBSlot Ferrari 430 used, unboxed with NSR ultragrips on rear £25
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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