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Thanks to all who turned out to race on the all new Ronaldo Raceway.
Considering it`s a brand new build things went surprisingly well.
The only issue was a drop in supply from two power packs which were quickly changed.
I will endeavour to buy in professional transformers before the 2012 season starts.
Top of the tree was Dave Wisdom & Slotcar Dad jointly.
Jamie doesn`t seem to like racing on a perfect track surface & was laughably a lowly 5th in the standings.
Top kid tonight was Slotcar Senna.
Just a short while to wait until our next meet. Wedenesday 14th September is Practice Night.
Don`t forget the Classic Car Show is being held at NERCS this Sunday 4th September. Only a couple of quid in, starts about 10.30am.
We are off to Raceway 81 on or about the third Tuesday in October. Details to follow. If you haven`t been before, then please try not to miss out on this treat!

Whispering Dave Wisdom 19
Slotcar Dad 19
Waynes World,Waynes World. Party Time, Excellent! 17
Ironman Tom 16
Martin with a Y 16
Wayne Text 15
The Great Ronaldo 15
Stewe Pot 15
Cheating Smoggie, Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie 13
Geoff Bike 13
Smoggy Geoff 13
Old Fart Kev 13
Slotcar Senna Mathew 13
Big Mal 12
Beerfest Graham 12
Wayne Oral 12
Son Of Cheating Smoggie,Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie,James 11
Swop Shop 11
New Chris 11
The Pink Lady Kay 10
Skid Mark 10
Laurah Smoggy H 10
Poison Dwarf 10
Volkswagen Tony 9
George"special K" Kimber 7
Darren 7
Harry 5.

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Yes it was a cracking night, the difference in driving on the new track was like chalk & cheese, wondefully smooth, much closer racing, fewer deslots & crashes, all in all a brilliant project come to fruition. My thanks once again and I'm sure on behalf of all NERCS members who didn't/couldn't help out on the build.
Of course my opinion may just be slightly influenced by being joint top points scorer

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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