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NERC's Closure.

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It's a shame the NERC's Slotcar club have gone down the course they have chosen.
I was lucky enough to race there on a few occasions and although it wasn't really the type of racing I enjoyed the members were frankly second to none and a pleasure to meet up with. You had something very special guys and for it to close because of 'club politics' that is such a shame. I speak with some justification because here at East Durham we had a bit of a coo recently. However, a few slapped botties and harsh, but controlled words later our club resolved it's issues and are now looking forward to the future with a vengeance in our new industrial unit venue.
Hope you guys sort something out. Your demise as it were is a loss to the North East and the Slotcar community as a whole………
Regards…… Lisa x x
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Hello Dave. We are moving from Wingate to BLACKHALL, only 4 miles away. Our last day on the Wingate track was Sunday 1st Jan 2012. A sad day. Over the next couple of months we are moving the track to our unit at Blackhall. It's planned to expand the track to over 3 times it's original size. Club nights are likely to be Tuesday and Saturday although this is to be confirmed by the committee. The track will be open to all for 6 days per week. Not being prepared to get into debt it's being done bit by bit as the money allows. Our members have agreed to a 5 month restbite period so the work can be carried out without too much pressure. Should be running, testing at least by April/May this year. I'll make sure posts are made about the progress on here. Really hope you guys get things sorted.

Take care…….
Lisa x x
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Michael and Grahame. Hi guys. Yes I am the 'Twig' lover.
Pleased your club is still going strong. We are, for now just looking at one track in the unit but taking most of the unit up. We have other facilities outside for pitting, eating etc. We do have another portable type track which is routed and braided. Our club track in the unit is going to be NINCO based as that's what our members want. Love to meet up with you guys again at some point.
Love Lisa x x
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