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NERC's Closure.

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It's a shame the NERC's Slotcar club have gone down the course they have chosen.
I was lucky enough to race there on a few occasions and although it wasn't really the type of racing I enjoyed the members were frankly second to none and a pleasure to meet up with. You had something very special guys and for it to close because of 'club politics' that is such a shame. I speak with some justification because here at East Durham we had a bit of a coo recently. However, a few slapped botties and harsh, but controlled words later our club resolved it's issues and are now looking forward to the future with a vengeance in our new industrial unit venue.
Hope you guys sort something out. Your demise as it were is a loss to the North East and the Slotcar community as a whole………
Regards…… Lisa x x
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What's your set up there now Lisa?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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