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With only one round left to go of the Dodgy Dodsy Autograss Series I have compiled the results so you know where you stand.
Since May Ron has only dropped one point in his little Series 1 Mini! This has put him on 32 points....5 points ahead of his nearest rival Waynes World.
With only 4 points in the championship left to play for I hereby declare Ron as the Autograss Champion of 2011.
Well played & congratulations to you.
Also well done to everyone else for putting up such a good fight & making the series so enjoyable with your interesting builds!
Looking further down the field special mention should be made to Beerfest Graham & VW Tony.
Although they were very late comers to the series they have consistently scored high points & should be a real threat during 2012!

RON 32
WayneW 27
Jamie 26
Ryan 25
DaveW 25
Dodsy 23
Kev 20
Mal 18
Swop Shop 18
Chief 17
SC Dad 15
James 14
Graham 14
Mathew 13
Tony 13
GeoffB 12
Stewe 12
GeoffS 11
PD Chris 11
Alex 10
Lee 10
Laura 10
Alan 9
GL Paul 9
Josh 9
Wayne O 9
Tom 8
Adam 7
New Chris 7
Martyn 7
LiamH 6
Colin 6
Jim Scott jnr 6
Jim Scott 5
Mark 5
Jack 5
Courtney 5
Lewis 5
WayneT 4
Kay 4
Riley 4
JK/Chris 4
Steve 3
Joey 3
Chris 3
Andrew 3
Christine 3
Liam 3
Tracy 3
DaveG 3
Matt 2.

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Oh what can i say back back victories, i know how about a MNE, or even a ONE. however i would like to congratulate all who built and ran there autograss cars throughout the year, they too are winners, am sure i speak for all when i say that we all came away with tons of fun and friendly competition, and above all the pure pleasure of slotting.

Thanks too Dodgy for a very good innovative championship, next year is looking to be a great season with 4 championships, endurance days and the birth of the Ashes between North Tyneside SCC and NERCS.

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Yeah, congrats to Ron. Shame DD and I couldn't make it. It has been a great series with some fantastic builds. Hopefully we'll make the last race of 2011.

In the mean time I've started work on a NASCAR I got from ebay. Looking forward to liverying this one up...Not as one of the big NASCAR team cars, but more as the sort of car that runs in the more provincial smaller ovals or privateer team car. Should be fun.

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