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Well the bubble at NERCS exploded in spectacular fashion as members stayed away from the club in droves tonight!
I`d even had a bath & didn`t fart, so for once my personal hygene couldn`t be blamed!
If this fatal downward trend continues I`m going to have to invent new members!
Well done to SwopShop who still couldn`t win a race even with the club three quarters empty.
Welcome to new member Liam...he didn`t seem to mind too much getting dragged in off the street..
Next meet is Thursday June 2nd. Press gangs will be out in force that night to ensure full attendance.

Dodgy Dodsys Autograss Series:

Waynes World,Waynes World Party Time Excellent! 4
Slotcar Dad 4
The Great Ronaldo 4
Ryan the Mod 3
Liam 3
Old fart Kev 3
Poison Dwarf 2
Swop Shop 2
Wayne Oral 2
Big Mal 1

Cr*p Porsche Cup:

The Great Ronaldo 4
Slot Car Dad 4
Swop Shop 3
Big Mal 3
Wayne Oral 2
Liam 2
Poison Dwarf 1
Waynes World, Waynes World, Party Time Excellent! 1
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Hi Kev,

Sorry I didn't make it, I had intended on heading up, but fell aslep on the sofa after I got home from work. Then just couldn't face an hours drive. so that's two no shows on the trot for me. Must do better.

Good set of result anyway. I guess Ron'll be walking away with this one again.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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