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Another quiet mid month at NERCS because of work commitments & holidays.18 in with 16 racing.
However, we still had some very good racing going on.
Well done to new member Liam who won the Scalextric Ferrari 250 GTO in the NERCS monthly raffle.
We raised £60 in this raffle. Dave Wisdom will use the money to buy running gear for the kids as they prepare their cars for the DW Build Series which commences in January 2012.
The next raffle will begin on Championship night (Thursday July 7th) & you will have the chance to win a beautiful Scalextric Top Gear Mercedes CLK .

New track update:
The subframe of the new track is now complete (many thanks Ron). Next Ron will buy in & prepare the boards prior to them going away for CNC routing. Initial layout should be finished by September.

I will compile six month totals for all three competitions as soon as possible.

Dodgy Dodsys` Autograss Series. June Results.

Waynes World,Waynes World,Party Time! Excellent! 4
Poison Dwarf 4
Old Fart Kev 4
Dodgy Dodsy 4
The Great Ronaldo 3
Big Mal 3
Geoff Bike 3
Andrew H 3
Graham 2
Whispering Dave Wisdom 2
Chief 2
Liam 2
Josh Blondy 1
Mark 1
Swop Shop 1
Ginger Jack 1.

Cr*p Porsche Cup.June Results.

The Great Ronaldo 4
Whispering Dave Wisdom 4
Dodgy Dodsy 4
Graham 4
Big Mal 3
Waynes World,Waynes World.Party Time! Excellent! 3
Swop Shop 3
Chief 3
Ginger Jack 2
Josh Blondy 2
Old Fart Kev 2
Andrew H 2
Liam 1
Geoff Bike 1
Poison Dwarf 1
Mark 1.
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