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Don`t forget thick-heads that next Wednesday is partee neeet , presentation neeet & Chrimbo raffle neeet at Britains Worst Slot Club!
As usual I`ll be raiding the food skips at Washington Galleries for some out of date festive munchies!
This year we`ve got some really nice prizes to give out to our championship winners.
The Chrimbo raffles will be drawn straight after the presentations(giving you plenty of time to buy those extra raffle tickets!).£1 per strip.
Entry is only £2, & please feel free to bring a partner along.
Doors will be open from 7pm.
Again, new members are always welcome.

We will be open on Tuesday December 27th so you can give your lovely cars Santa brought you a good run out.
Doors will be open from 12pm till late.
£5 if you`re staying all day.
£3 if you`re staying part of the day.
£2 for kids.
All monies go into the 2012 throttle fund.

As a way of thanking you for your support both Championship Night (January 5th), & Practice Night (January 18th) are free to enter.
There will be more free racing during 2012.

Raffle prizes;

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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