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Chrysler UK will launch the new 2005 Dodge SRT-10 supercar in the UK this November. Fifteen of the 500bhp V-10 supercars will be sold in the UK during 2005, priced at £77,500.

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The left-hand drive 8.3 litre two-seater produces 712Nm of torque, a top speed of 190mph and 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds. On cars supplied by Chrysler dealers, standard features include a full Thatcham Category 1 Alarm and immobiliser system, xenon headlights and lamp wash, push button starter, 18" front and 19" rear wheels with run-flat tyres and a three-year warranty. The Brembo brakes help the SRT-10 to an estimated stopping distance of less than 100 feet from

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of the Chrysler Group in the UK, said: "There is no doubt that the Dodge Viper has been a huge phenomenon in the UK since it was launched in 1993. The new SRT-10 takes the idea of an American supercar to a new level - it's an out and out driving enthusiast's car, combining brute power and classic yet outrageous styling.

"The UK launch of the Dodge SRT-10 will appeal to performance drivers who don't want to follow the crowd with European performance cars. Our cars have a strong following in the UK, despite only ever being available in small numbers. We will maintain the exclusivity of the Dodge by only bringing 15 of these 500bhp cars into the country in 2005."

To make sure all European-bound cars meet EU standards, performance engineering specialist Pro-Drive has re-engineered more than 50 of the SRT-10's components. All these European components are fitted to vehicles on the production line at the Dodge assembly plant in Detroit.

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I can only hope that the UK gets the car with sidepipes fitted, instead of out the back as per previous versions of the Viper. (Not that I can afford either....yet). reckon it wil not turn corners? Erm... don't the LM versions take corners then? Can't you just crack the throttle open a bit more to make the rear try and overtake the front and tighten the line?

Besides, I doubt that V10 is as heavy as it could have been.

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