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Just got in my first test shot (print) of the " '92 Saturn SL2" with SL2 unibody chassis built in.

I haven't fully built her up yet. But so far, it's a pretty exciting breakthrough in the chassis design.

View attachment 3446


View attachment 3448

The Saturn is fitted with the new N20/N30 motor inverted clip system.


View attachment 3450

It securely holds every version of N20 and N30 motor I have. Short shaft, long shaft, wire leads in front or in back. With the N20's, you can adjust the position of the motor fore and aft as needed for optimal placement of the pinion gear. And yes SuperDave, it holds the N30 Big Block which will likely make this the fastest Saturn ever built at any scale!

View attachment 3451

N20 Short Shaft:
View attachment 3452

N20 12v Reverse Axis:
View attachment 3453

N30 Big Block:

Now best part, scrap the Saturn, and imagine that clip system being the outer body of an old 1960's F1 car. It'll make for some of the narrowest car bodies built to date!

Hopefully track trials this weekend!

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