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New and a little confused

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Hi all Im about to purchase a Scalextric set but dont know which one Digital or ARC. Almost does the additional track you can purchase 1:32 work on either. Does anyone have some suggestions where to purchase as a bundle in Australia or anywhere that will will ship as a reasonable price.

Thanks all in advance
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So then from your post I take it that the dig. chip itself is dead as the motor powers up ok just at full revs. Can I replace the chip with a new dig.chip and the car should work again without problems, I don't want to replace the chip and cook it also.

I see no point in repairing the dig.chip when they are only $30 or near to. Next pondering thought is how could this happen in the first place? I found no foreign bodies or shorts when it was dismantled.



Onya Johnno,

The damage may well be only limited to the components that control the Drive and Braking functionality of the chip. A simple test is to hold the back wheels off the track and slowly push the car past a lane changer (LC) which is set to the change position; if the flipper clicks back to straight ahead, it is worth getting the chip fixed as it is not completely Bjorked.

The cost of a repair is roughly 9$ Oz, factor in the postage costs and you should be able to work out how many chips it would take to make it cost effective to get them fixed. So don't bin any damaged ones because you will get a few ...... ;)

As my Crystal Ball is at the cleaners ....... some good clear photos of the chip and how it is wired in, would help aid the diagnosis.
Sorry to hear about your bad news ......

Next thing to do is to carefully slice off the four black plastic protrusions that hold the black casing to the chip; one in each corner. Then have a good look at the small components and compare then to the damage you see in this thread.

Let us know how you get on.
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@John - keep the chip, put it on a shelf somewhere and when you get a few more blown ones have another think about what to do with them ...... :thumbsup:
Sorry John, I have realised that you have missing one important fact, which is .......... if I can't fix a chip then I don't charge for it. So all you would loose is the postage if it is a real duffer.
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In terms of AUD, after conversion, it's about nine of the little fellas. If things get too complicated then it is cheaper to bin it.
Crikey, it must be an easy fix for me to get such a glowing reference ...... shame I haven't got any forelocks to tug, I suppose skin will have to do ........

As always, "ever so 'umble Sir, ever so very 'umble" ............
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