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Most of you read SCI even if you don't want to admit it but for those of you that don't I quote TSRF ...

QUOTE You will be please to know that I am currently negotiating with a British publisher very interested in my larger book, and we are close to an agreement. The new book will be in a 8.5X11 format with soft cover and deluxe version with hard cover, with 350 pages and 1100 pictures, including a 43-page listing of all slot cars and slot car kits made in the USA and Japan between 1962 and 1972. I have voluntarily deleted all European manufacturers as there is now a Carrera book and others about other manufacturers, and Scalextric has been done ad nauseum and frankly anyway, until recently they really were just toys for toddlers and not what I would call model cars, so I have very little interest in them.

I would like to remind all previous readers that Don Siegel (DGersh) greatly helped me to have the first book written in proper English, and that Don is one of the finest and most knowledgeable persons on the planet about our favorite subject. I am sorry that the first book was "cut at the throat" by Motorbooks but I had little choice: either accept their terms or no book at all.
There are very few of these books left anywhere, and 26000 were sold. That is more than all 3 editions of the Scalextric book, and more than any other book ever published on the subject, so I should be rather happy.
The big difference and what made this book sell well in comparison to others: it was not a price guide, it was not a dumb catalogue of cars with an exhaustive and boring listing of color variations, it was a book about people and what they produced and designed. It was also not a bland, "politikally korrekt", hide-the-crap-under-the-carpet-book. It told stories, and they were fun. The average reader liked that.

The new book will be priced at $39.95 and will be available through Amazon and plenty of other booksellers. I have no clue of when it will come out but I would expect it to be sometimes in 2005. It will feature cars from the wold's finest slot car collection, that of Scott Bader in Los Angeles. Do not expect to find much of the current stuff, it won't have any. But expect to see not only production cars of the 1960's, but factory prototypes of produced or never-produced cars, plus a comprehensive history of professional slot car racing (1963-1973) at its finest, with at last, color pics of the cars that were always shown in B&W in the old magazines. It will have stories about people, events, and will extensively cover the hobby as it was in every facet. It will NOT be called "Vintage Slot Cars". That's a dumb name imposed by Motorbooks. The cover will feature Jim Hall in a Cox ad. I saw Jim Hall yesterday in Los Angeles, and he will happily collaborate in a chapter especially reserved to the Chaparrals.
Mr. Pea


The shear audacity of 350 pages and 1100 pictures on slot cars is staggering. Unbelievable. This hobby will owe you a debt of gratitude when it's done.

What with Jeff Davies' book on Rail Racing and now your book we are seeing a new more serious time in our hobby. What was once a fad has arisen from the dark ages to take its rightful place amongst established hobbies one that captures the excitement of real automobile racing with our heroes frozen in time at the peak of their careers.

This great news, and slot/rail books must really be about the people involved as PDL said as this is what makes them so interesting. I have read some of PDL stories and these are great. I can't wait.

My book covers from 1955 to 1964 which will link really well with this book.

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