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I should state up front that I Have no interest in thingies, rolling doorstops, whatever they're called, I'm intersted in scale models. If they can only hurtle along at 300 scale miles-per-hour instead of 1000, oh well... It's not easy finding a chassis that will fit a 1/43 MGB or Citroen DS, so I've decided to make one. Narrow, so I don't have to hut out the wheel arches, or add ridiculous fender flares, and adjustable without becoming an erector set. First effort failed outright, no reason to show it here, it was supposed to use carbon fiber strips for frame rails. For take two I substituted cheap and easy to get music wire for exotic carbon fiber, and came up with a promising prototype.

_D7K2097 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
Shown with motor, axle bushings and Ranch Design crown gear. The front and back sections are of a piece right now.

_D7K2104 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
Separating the front and back sections using side cutters. Underneath are cylindrical channels that accept the music wire, but these needed to be drilled out, they were clogged with support material.

_D7K2111 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
A little exaggeration to make a point, the channels (which I plan to make more compact) will take any length of .045" music wire.

_D7K2112 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
To fit the DS, I had to flip the flanged bushings around so that the flanges were on the inside of the chassis. Not a problem, really.

_D7K2113 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
A little shorter with this Peugeot.

_D7K2114 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
Hard to find something that will fit an MGB

_D7K2115 by Dattodesign, on Flickr
AC Cobra, looks like we can move the wheels out a bit for this one.

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I am not into 1/43 scale but your chassis looks great.
What is the wheelbase of these cars....I have just put together a GT models A35 and wheelbase was 62mm.
It felt small, it was small.
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