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I have just finished the prototype for our cheap new club class, based around 1970's Scalextric F1's.
Rules as follows
Must be UK supplied 1970's Scalextric F1 car
Johnson only motors mounted as original, no mods allowed except changing the spring posts for brass tube and screws.
Lead wire free
Max track 68mm
Wheelbase to original car
Original spec gearing and rear axle
Free choice on wheels and tyres, front axle, guide, braids and rear bearings
No external changes to the body unless to enhance scale appearance, must not affect performance
Body paint choice is free but must carry 3 easily legible numbers.
Minimum ground clearance 1mm.

I have attached some pics of the prototype, apart from what you can see the motor has been raised slightly to keep it flush with the bottom of the body. The front has been lowered so the front wheels touch and the axle can rock slightly and a slot.It guide for wooden tracks fitted. There is 1mm ground clearance under the front and 2mm under the rear but that will decreases as the tyres wear. The last modis Slot.It bronze rear bearings, the whole car cost Just over £21 including the base car from Flea Bay. See how it goes tomorrow night
Any clean suggestions would be welcome


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