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we have built the new Chrono 1.08e and the accompanying dongle firmware.
The new Chrono is available from our web pages
whereas the dongle firmware is available from the bootloader, already.

Both versions are backwards compatible - that is, nothing bad will happen if you mix the new Chrono with the old dongle, and viceversa, but they will work only if used together.

What does it do? It resets the firmware process dedicated to the communication between the dongle and the controllers. Lap count is preserved.
When to use it? When / If you experience communication freeze between the dongle and the controllers (i.e. all controller tabs in the left column of the Chrono table go white)
How to use it? Press the button named 'Comms Reset'

We've tried to test it as much as possible during these days and it seems to work around the issue with no side effects.
Consider it beta for the time being.

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