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new class proposals

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scalextric F1:
The guide being the only free area, otherwise box standard. Cars using FF 18,000 rpm motors only.

Club NASCAR. The club will purchase an appropriate number of SCX NASCAR cars & I will prepare these for racing ( can I purchase or be supplied a car to evaluate what needs doing ) A decision needs to be made as to when you want to run this class.

Slot it group C: standard orange endbell motors, inline or sidewinder chassis & motor mounts must be original configuration, standard body & interior. Wheels, tyres, gears must be slot it. Guide free area.

Modified Slot it cars may now run in Open GT.

Japs to be dropped.

Race night format:

NSR Porsches / Club Porsches.

Slot it Group C / Open GT

Scalextric F1 / Ninco Ford GT
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i have secured a deal of 18 nascars 6 different liveries 3 of each for £245 this gives ample spares for the club cars bit dearer than a 10 a car but 6 different cars answers please before i buy
ok i think you should stick to policy change class on new year and be careful not to change to many and remember why we set the classes we did 3-4 years ago so that every body enjoyed it and came back every week ! you cant afford to lose members.
and that price rob you should have more than enough spares to keep scx running for a while not many parts available seperately any new cars left after we have finished with them can be sold and all the cheap cars would have disappeared by then. a motor on its own is not much less than we are paying for the cars.
the porsches were equiped with slotit gear but we still have more than 8 you might only see 8
88820 Nascar Axles Kit - contains gear, bearings, x2 whees & tyres + spare set of tyres Sold Out so i think more rather than fewer motor £12.00
i would on nascar nights have 2 cars for each lane ready and have 3 cars in bits ready to swap, break the cheaper cars first i will show you which ones we paid a bit more to get 6 different liveries and we can get a box from bq to keep the spares in for about £7
1 - 4 of 101 Posts
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