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new class proposals

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scalextric F1:
The guide being the only free area, otherwise box standard. Cars using FF 18,000 rpm motors only.

Club NASCAR. The club will purchase an appropriate number of SCX NASCAR cars & I will prepare these for racing ( can I purchase or be supplied a car to evaluate what needs doing ) A decision needs to be made as to when you want to run this class.

Slot it group C: standard orange endbell motors, inline or sidewinder chassis & motor mounts must be original configuration, standard body & interior. Wheels, tyres, gears must be slot it. Guide free area.

Modified Slot it cars may now run in Open GT.

Japs to be dropped.

Race night format:

NSR Porsches / Club Porsches.

Slot it Group C / Open GT

Scalextric F1 / Ninco Ford GT
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I Should be back racing this friday, Just been reading some of the blogs, blimey you lot have been busy discussing classes.

Am happy to race anything with wheels, although would like to keep open gt and slot it mainly because I have good cars, other than that not bothered what we race.

See you all friday


PS Syd can you bring my race cars along, thanks!!
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