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new class proposals

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scalextric F1:
The guide being the only free area, otherwise box standard. Cars using FF 18,000 rpm motors only.

Club NASCAR. The club will purchase an appropriate number of SCX NASCAR cars & I will prepare these for racing ( can I purchase or be supplied a car to evaluate what needs doing ) A decision needs to be made as to when you want to run this class.

Slot it group C: standard orange endbell motors, inline or sidewinder chassis & motor mounts must be original configuration, standard body & interior. Wheels, tyres, gears must be slot it. Guide free area.

Modified Slot it cars may now run in Open GT.

Japs to be dropped.

Race night format:

NSR Porsches / Club Porsches.

Slot it Group C / Open GT

Scalextric F1 / Ninco Ford GT
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''If we were to do it I'd also be in favour of opening it up to any Ninco anglewinder (Maybe exclude Ford GT & Mosler).''
I take it you mean ' any Ninco car fitted with anglewinder motor '. So this class would become 'Ninco open'
Would this include Lightning cars.
I wasn't thinking of these but I see no reason why not as long as it runs a long can size motor as an anglewinder.
I thought we had nailed the optimum classes:
Porsche night
GT40s/Open GT

But talking with Ken last night there could be another option:
Porsche night
GT40s/Open GT (incl
Nascars/JGTC (non-mag)

So back to where we started a month ago!
The question is do we keep Slot-IT and ditch JGTC or mix Slot-IT with GT and keep JGTC?

For me I'd go GT (inc Slot-It) & JGTC(Ninco Open) non mag
So that's 3 of us, just need 3 more and we'll have a majority!
As not everyone uses the forum, I'll knock up a voting slip with the options above which we can fill in on Friday and announce a result. Hopefully we can put this discussion to bed, until next time!
I would go for:
Open ninco (tin tops) non magnet & Open GT Non Magnet ( to inc. Slot it )
Porsche night. Club porsches & NSR porsches
Club Nascars & Ninco Ford GT

Or drop Ford GT & keep Slot it.

Proposed Open Ninco rules.
A/ Existing rules apply for running with magnet. ( allow limited time for members to run existing cars before adjusting cars to open rules )

B/ No magnet. (prefered)
Anglewinder chassis cars only.
Wheels & Tyres: free area. Wheels & tyres must be covered by bodywork.
Gears: free area but must retain the ratio of 12/32.
Motors: maximum 21,500 rpm @12v, motors with 'magnetic downforce' NOT allowed.
Mosler & Ford GT are excluded from this class

If any member wanting to enter the Ninco open class and is unable to prepare their car I am willing carry this out for just the cost of any parts used. (one car per member only)
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Is the proposed to be raced at a higher voltage so the motor perform near 25K?
Hi Ash

proposed open Ninco to be @14v as we do now.
Ok so at that voltage might be around 23K from the 21.5K motor
By adding the nascars to the 3 week rota one class has to go, as some members have Scalextric Nascars why not consider the following 4 week rota:

Open night; Open Ninco & Open GT
Porsche night: Club Porsche & NSR Porsche
Ninco Ford GT & Slot it
Nascar night: Club Nascar & Open Nascar ( Scalextric & SCX )

I know some members would have to buy a nascar, but it might be better than dropping a class which some members seem reluctant to do. Just another idea for the members.
I'm thinking it was better when it was 2 weeks rolling rather than 3 weeks, I would say 4 weeks (and more and more cars) is the wrong move.
I think at the moment the 3 week rota is more than enough, running one of the options in Rikos earlier post(#83).
I've never seen a scalextric car perform well on our track unless loaded with magnets so I'd not be interested in them.
Nick & Colin, I bow to your experience
Would be a fair comment if the racing was rubbish, but it's not all that bad don't think it being a potential 4 week rota makes much difference
What we can't afford is a lack of interest which with more and more classes I think could happen as people might elect to sit out certain weeks. In a perfect world we'd have 20 members and missing a few wouldn't be a problem but we don't and over the last few months it's been tight on more than one occasion, To have even one person drop out could be the difference between racing or calling it off.
So at the moment I can't see any benefit from changing the 6 class/3 week rota we currently have.
What we could look at is the style of racing, Riko will correct me if I'm wrong but the software does allow us to run races with the option of fuel usage. Maybe we could use this for one/both the club classes?
See your point but get that at the moment anyway, not keen on all that but will give it ago
If it's voted in (Open GT/Slot-IT mix) I guess we could alternate Open GT & Slot-It within the same class.
ie one week Ford GT/Open GT the next time Ford GT/Slot-IT with the points (openGT & Slot-It) counting towards one championship
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