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new club website

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New club website launched guys. Should be easier to find out what to bring and when.
Geoff will still be hopeless though!

Click on the link in the top of the Alton and Winchester Slot Car Club section.
Or here.

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I've set up our club on Google sites, if you want any pointers let me know.

It may be that you have put something on your site that google does not allow, for instance if you use their adverts you may not have adverts from anyone else. Content may also be ban, not that I can see why a slot car club would have that sort of images on the website.

Feel free to have a mooch around my website, I do have a second person that assists with the more complex parts of the site such as google analytics



If you find a good free host can you PM me the details, as much as I like the ease of Google there are some limitations that a real hosted site would get around.


1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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