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new club website

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New club website launched guys. Should be easier to find out what to bring and when.
Geoff will still be hopeless though!

Click on the link in the top of the Alton and Winchester Slot Car Club section.
Or here.

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Dave, you have been busy, I am sure your efforts will be appreciated by the older memory challenged members of the club - me for one.

One comment though, I am getting a security warning about the information on the site, I know it is not really important at the moment but just thought that I'd mention it as you may be unaware.

PS -Where can I find the race scores for the current series

Regards Keith
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Dave, can't fault you for trying. It's a shame there are no IT experts in the club but you could ask Alan or Andy, they might know someone.
Failing that have a word with Will on Monday.

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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